NOVA Associates, LLC
Advanced Behavioral Healthcare for Addictive & Mental Illnesses

Welcome to NOVA Associates, the private, confidential mental health and addiction treatment practice of Greg McBride, MEd, LCADC, LPC.  Research is demonstrating that problematic behavior is often linked to disturbances in neurochemical pathways in the brain.  Through collaborative efforts we can afford our clients the individualized, wholistic, and research based care required by the treatment of illness.  We hope you enjoy the following pages and look forward to your feedback.  Call us with any comments or questions you may have at 877.327.6555 and we will be happy to assist you.

Alcoholism and drug abuse continue to harm countless numbers of individuals and their families.  We know that addictive illness is a brain disorder that is highly treatable.  We also know that the earlier an individual begins using substances the more likely they are to be addicted within their lifetime.  That's why we work with children, adolescents, and adults to help them find more constructive and productive alternatives to the abuse of alcohol or other drugs.  We work to prevent, intervene, and treat clients and their families by providing individualized solutions to the problems presented.  There is no need to suffer alone.  Help is close at hand!
When we speak of Mental Health we believe that all individuals possess specialized strengths that allow them to maintain wellbeing or heal and recover from illness.  Mental illness comes in many forms and for many different reasons.  Depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, unreasonable fears, or any other disturbance of one's inner peace can be extremely uncomfortable and interfere with our personal, family, and work efforts.  Comprehensive care using the latest research based treatment can restore balance and wellbeing, leading to greater satisfaction and productivity in life.  Asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness, but an admission that good health is amongst our most important priorities.  Most great achievements are accomplished with teamwork!