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About Us

"As a faith-based University of higher learning, the Unitatis Universitas Salvatoris (Savior Unity University) traces its mission to the preaching charism of the Petrine ministry and studies. We train professional missionaries to grow with intellectual heritage. "We being a school of Allied Health Science faculty and Faculty of Religious Studies. We train our students to accommodate all works of life as we are changing the lives of all students by encouraging them to explore their education and religious dimensions of their own lives and appreciate the role of other religions in life, draw conclusions about human dignity and rights, freedom, and responsibility; and develop an awareness of the relationship between faith and justice.

Our Heritage

Our heritage

The University is founded and owned by the Missionaries of Jesus the Savior (JESOLITES), under the Roman Catholic Church with Ecclesiastical Rites. The School's name is etymologically derived from the Latin words "Unitatis Universitas Salvatoris", meaning "Savior Unity University". Its abbreviation name is UUS. However, the School wishes to go by the Latin name due to the mission on "Unitatis Redintegratio" of St. Pope John XXIII on April 11, 1963, his encyclical on "Pacem In terries" which gave birth to the Second Vatican Council by bringing all religions to have a concept of ecumenism and unity which the Pope coined from John 17:11. With the synoptic in mind, Pope John XXIII asked, "What can religion do, to make a common man understand that life is meaningful"?

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Our Mission

The Unitatis Universitas Salvatoris (UUS) traces its mission to the preaching charism of the Petrine ministries that focuses on trainingand forming students from all works of life, form students as they study to become champions of medical missions and expert stimulation of rural economic development for all, especially rural dwellers during Church planting.

Our Vision

Our vision as an institution is to educate people to seek the truth and to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. Finally, with strong liberal and conservative theological foundations, our curriculum honors the richness and vitality of our Catholic intellectual heritage on Redintegratio , i.e., the ecumenical movement and unity of all while affirming the value of dialogue involving persons of varied cultures and religious traditions.